Introducing Thermaline's New Service Co-Op

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Sign up for service when we are in your area and SAVE THOUSANDS by only paying for the services you need- no travel or related expenses! Available for all makes and models!


  • Plan A: Test for internal/external leaks . Visually inspect the overall condition (does NOT include opening the unit).
  • Plan B: Includes Plan A Service plus opening the heat exchanger and inspecting for proper assembly and the cleanliness and condition of the plates/gaskets. Rinse plates, reassemble, and final inspection as you bring the heat exchanger back online. * See note A below
  • Plan C: Includes Plan A and B services plus manually cleaning each plate. Each individual plate is cleaned on-site using an environmentally friendly cleaner and manually brush scrubbed. ** See note B below
Heat exchanger nozzle size PLAN A PLAN B Plan C
Small (1" and 1-1/2" fluid connections) $150 $600 $600 + $5 per place
Medium (2" fluid connections) $200 $800 $800 + $10 per plate
Large (2-1/2" and 3" fluid connections) $250 $1000 $1000 + $15 per plate

Note A: All pipes must be removed before we arrive.

Note B: Until the heat exchanger is opened, the severity of the foulants cannot be determined and scrubbing the plates onsite may not remove ALL foulants. Plates may need to be soaked in Thermaline's chemical baths. Technician will advice best course of action before proceeding.

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