TAP into a pool of knowledge. TAP into deliveries on your terms. TAP into instant pricing. TAP into unparalleled support. TAP into a company and distribution network that truly works for you.

Thermaline's Tactical Alliance Program (TAP) – Aligning Manufacturer and Distributor to produce exceptional results for you!

  • TAP is Rapid Deployment – Setting new standards in equipment delivery with no additional charges
  • TAP is real-time Design, Quote and Buy – Intuitive on line pre-engineered equipment calculators. Instant pricing, specifications, dimensions and ordering
  • TAP is real support – Tactically aligned distributors and re-sellers. You choose the distributor you want to work with! Choose by location, capabilities, payment options, value added services.
  • TAP is engineered solutions – Send your challenging applications directly to engineering for a timely response and the right solution. Send RFQ now.
  • TAP is continuous improvement – A culture committed to continually improving all facets of manufacturing and distribution to better serve you.

TAP into a new way of doing business!

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How do I make a comment or suggestion?

We would love to hear from you and value your input. Give us a call at 1(800)767 6720 or send us a message.

Do I have to order from the website?

You can place orders any way you like! Use fax, phone, e mail or whatever method your company may have, though promotions for online orders may not apply.  

What if I do not see the equipment I am looking for in the Portal?

The portal only represents a fraction of Thermaline's products and capabilities. Check our web site to see all we offer and send us your inquiry and our engineering team will provide a proposal and specifications.   

Why have you made it so easy?

We are confident you will realize the value of the T.A.P. network and ease of doing business with Thermaline that you will be a return customer and give us the greatest return of all….. a referral!  

What if I find a less expensive option?

Thermaline strives to offer top-quality, American-made products at a fair price and put all our pricing and knowledge at your (and our competitors') fingertips. There may be less expensive options out there but usually we find there are differences in performance specifications and the equipment is not equal. Check your specifications closely or we would be happy to analyze these with you. Either way, we appreciate your feedback and value your input.   

Can I pay with a credit card?

Yes, if your chosen TAP distributor accepts credit cards. The distributor map lists TAP partners that accept credit cards.

What are the terms?

Terms are set up between you the purchaser and your TAP Distributor. The distributor map lists Triad partners that accept credit cards.

Where are the products made?

Thermaline Plate and Tube heat exchangers are made in the USA. Our plant is located in Auburn WA – take a virtual tour or if you are in the area stop by; we would love to show you around!

Do I have to set up an account?

No, you can use the portal and place orders as a guest. We encourage you to set up an account so your preferences are securely saved. Of course, if you are a competitor we wouldn’t expect you to save your information.

Can I become a Thermaline TAP Distributor?

Yes, you can become a Thermaline distributor! Thermaline’s O.D.T. (Open Distribution & Trade) policy has no territories or boundaries. Contact us to become a TAP partner now.

Can I buy direct from the factory?

Yes, you can purchase directly from the factory. However, a preferred distributor can provide installation services, repairs, auxiliary equipment, system design, equipment expertise and warranty service if necessary.

If you have a preferred contractor, consultant, or equipment supplier, you do not see on our map we would be happy to contact and work directly with them or for a referral to a dealer that covers your region, please visit our distributor page or give us a call.

What is TAP?

T.A.P. is our Tactical Alliance Program which encompasses a new system in distribution, quoting, purchasing ordering, engineering, support and more. TAP into the portal to place orders directly with the factory securing your delivery in the production queue then select the distributor of your choice to complete the order. Whether you require additional supporting equipment, installation services, technical support or further design, your value-added distributor will support the entire process.

Here is how it works: when placing your order from the portal select your distributor and finish checking out this automatically places your order in the production queue and initiates the production process and you will receive a confirmation from the Thermaline. Your distributor will contact you within 24 hrs of placing the order with shipping charges and terms, once complete the order will ship on scheduled date unless the terms are not met within 5 business days in which case the order will be re-scheduled or cancelled.